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Our Story


Splash Nail and Beauty de-franchised in July 2020 to deliver a wider product, retail, and service offering. The name Splash Nail and Beauty was born.  

As of 1 June 2021, Splash Nail and Beauty has a new owner, Amelia White.

“For me, it all started with a prophecy, colour, passion and a love for people! The name represents to put a “Splash of Colour” into the lives of our clients and therefore, I wanted to get to the heart of our brand and ensure that it reflects our mission, vision, and core values.” 

The Brand

The brand and store have undergone a make-over and the new logo was designed to emphasise the prophecy and specific colours. 


The green colours inspire a sense of calmness and relaxation and illustrates harmony and a safe space. These colours symbolise hope with promises of growth and health. 


The salmon colour is unique and reflects the combination of personalities at the salon. In addition to being a good-hearted and humble colour, it is also socially confident and cordial. This colour symbolises individuality, expression, fellowship, and compassion.

Our Mission

Splash Nail and Beauty lives, laughs, and loves unapologetically. Our mission is to hold our customers near and dear to our hearts and because of this sentiment we will go above and beyond to nurture our relationships and ensure an environment that is calming and a safe space. 

Our goal is to be the 1st choice 1-stop-shop for all your nail and beauty needs. Our Beauty Therapists and Nail Technicians, that are specialised in their fields, are anxiously waiting to shower you with the best treatments, superior customer care and the love and affection you deserve while enjoying affordable prices. 

We are a salon that will always strive to make you feel valued and accepted, even if you feel like an “oddball”, need a venting session, or never tried ‘that’ before. It is okay! We are committed to ensure that you feel worthy of adoration. You can be rest assured, we are all friendly and uplifting spirits, so bid farewell to all your stress and anxiety, outgrown nails, long “Winter” leg hair, wrinkles and pimples, stubborn fat, tired feet, dehydrated skin, back aches and pains, to name a few… Splash Nail and Beauty has got you covered!

Our Vision

OUR VISION is to strategically grow by expanding our services and in time, create our own professional product range; to serve to the quality beauty needs of our customers wherever they are.


as the 3 core values that we commit to use as the foundation to the success of our mission and vision.